How to Shoot in the 90s or Better Consistently

Your objective is to be somewhere on the green in one over regulation on every hole and then two putt from there.  That becomes your personal par.  If you have trouble two putting then work on that part of your game separately.

If you try relaxing and having a well-defined target it becomes much easier.  Never think about mechanics or technique and above all don’t watch the putter head.  Just look at the target and then feel the stroke.  Focus all your attention on feeling the putter head.

As you can see, working on the 100-yard-in part of your game is the fastest way to improve your score.  If you have a good short game then you are looking at shooting in the mid 80’s on a regular basis.

One point to remember on your chipping and pitching game is that loft is your enemy.  Never use wedges if there is a less lofted club that will work.  Chippers are excellent clubs and not very expensive.  As long as they only have a face on one side they are legal.  Make the chipper your friend.  Also putt whenever you can.  This is a shot that you should practice.  Pitch and run is always preferable to trying to fly the ball to the hole.  A missed hit shot with an 8 iron will turn out much better than a missed hit shot with a sand wedge.  Sixty degree wedges should come with a skull and cross bones on them.

If you do get in trouble off the tee or on an approach shot, don’t try something heroic.  Simply get the ball back in play.  One of the worst mistakes amateurs make is letting one bad shot lead to two or three wasted strokes.

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