How to Dial in Your Distance from the Bunker for Consistent Sand Shots

#1 Speed of the Greens

You should already be comfortable with the speed of the greens, as you need to dial this part of the game in as part of your warm up if you are going to putt well.  Naturally, quick greens will offer more run out than will slow greens, so factor this into the planning of your shot.

#2 Firmness of the Greens

The first bounce that you get when your ball lands on the green has a lot to do with where the shot is going to end up in the end.  If the greens are hard, you will get a big first bounce, while soft greens may not give you any bounce at all.

#3 Firmness and Depth of the Sand

The sand under your ball is another key element in this equation, so don’t forget to factor it into your planning.  If the sand is deep and soft, the ball will usually come out with a lower spin rate.  On the other hand, shallow and firm sand promotes a shot that comes out quick with plenty of spin.

It shouldn’t surprise you to learn that the best way to control your distance consistently from greenside bunkers is to practice these kinds of shots as often as possible.  It all comes down to feel in the end, and professional golfers regularly practice out of greenside bunkers in order to develop their feel.

By using the tips above along with plenty of practice, you should be able to gradually improve your touch from the sand.

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