How to Dial in Your Distance from the Bunker for Consistent Sand Shots

Golf Instruction Distance from Bunker Shot


In most cases, your spin rate is going to go along with the trajectory that you choose to use for a given shot.  For example, a bunker shot with a low trajectory probably won’t have much spin, so the ball will roll out after it lands.  On the other hand, if you catch the shot just right to toss the ball high into the air, it should have enough spin to stop it quickly when it lands.

With experience, you will learn how to accurately predict your trajectory and spin in order to set the ball close to the hole time after time.

Knowing the Conditions

One of the commonly overlooked keys to the greenside bunker shot is understanding the course conditions that you are facing.  In general, there are three specific elements related to course condition that you need to consider while playing from a greenside bunker.

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