How to Dial in Your Distance from the Bunker for Consistent Sand Shots

#4 Hit the Sand Behind the Ball

The key to an explosion shot from near the green is putting the club into the sand at least an inch or two behind the ball at the bottom of the swing.

With that quick refresher on the basics of a greenside bunker shot out of the way, we can quickly move on to the topic of how you are to control your distance on these shots.

Trajectory and Spin

The two main elements that you are going to need to manipulate if you want to control the distance of your greenside bunker shots are trajectory and spin.  If you can gain control over both of these parts of a greenside bunker shot, you will have no trouble hitting the ball the right distance consistently.  Pro golfers are able to handle both halves of this equation, which is why their bunker play is so consistent.

On the trajectory side, you want to use a lower flight when you are facing a longer shot, and a higher flight when playing a shorter shot.  Obviously, you have to consider the lip of the bunker in this choice, as whatever shot you play needs to have enough height to get out of the sand safely.

If the hole is all the way on the other side of the green for instance, playing the shot low with plenty of roll is the right pick.  However, if the hole is cut just outside the bunker where you are standing, a higher shot is the only way to stop the ball quick enough to set up a short putt.

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