5 Difficult Golf Shots Every Golfer Should Know

The Long Bunker Shot

Most golfers have quite a bit of experience playing a shot out of a greenside bunker, you grab your highest lofted club and splash it out of trouble. But, what happens when you’re caught up in a bunker that’s still to far from the green for your wedge to cover the distance?

Here’s top 25 coach Gary Alliss showing us how to pull off one of golf’s most dreaded shots cleanly:

Ball Below / Above Your Feet

Not only is a shot with the ball above or below your feet difficult to execute, it’s also difficult to practice. Why is that? Simply because the surface at just about every driving / practice range is usually completely flat, so you have no real opportunities to practice these shots other than out on the course. This is perhaps one of the reasons why many golfers feel frustrated with the fact that they are able to make great shots on the range but that success doesn’t translate to the course. The reality is that very few surfaces on your average golf course are completely flat, so knowing how to hit the ball from varying configurations is one major key to success.

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