5 Difficult Golf Shots Every Golfer Should Know

The Flop Shot

Now let’s discuss the low punch shot’s polar opposite — the flop shot. As mentioned earlier, the key to the flop shot (and all shots really) is knowing when to use it. The flop shot can be very effective when trying to lift the ball over a bunker or other obstacle and have it still land soft on the green, but again, practicing and knowing the shot’s limitations is vitally important to it’s success on the course.

The shot itself can be quite tricky and can have disastrous results when even the slightest mistake is made (a “skulled” or “thin” flop shot will travel far further than intended). The flop shot also requires a few different swing variations depending on the lie. For more on how it’s done, here is the flop shot master himself making it look easy:

Remember what Phil said in the video “it’s not a high percentage shot, but because I’ve hit it so many times I do feel comfortable with it.” So it’s obvious that practice will be the key to success with this shot. Therefore, make sure to practice your flop shot techniques diligently before attempting them in a competitive round.

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