5 Difficult Golf Shots Every Golfer Should Know

One of the biggest determinants of what sets a good golfer apart from a great golfer is often his or her ability to execute not just the easy shots, but the difficult ones as well.

Golf, as with life, has the tendency to throw us a few curve balls from time to time. These often come in the form of tricky lies, challenging hazards, and daunting natural obstacles.  In these cases it’s often the confidence and ability to execute a difficult shot that makes the difference between saving par, and a complete scorecard meltdown.

Difficult Golf Shots

The pros we see on TV know this simple fact perhaps better than anyone. It’s for this reason that the game’s elite players dedicate so much of their time and focus on practicing some of golf’s most difficult shots.

So, to help you elevate your own game, we present you with five of the most difficult shots in golf and how you can utilize each to dip, dodge, and blast your way out of trouble.

The Low Punch Shot

Very often we see golfers underestimating their ability to get a ball up and over and obstacle (usually a tree). Think about it, we know you’ve been there before — a towering tree line stands between you and the green and you get the idea that with a big enough swing you can pop that gap wedge high enough to clear the danger. The trouble is that nine times out of ten your ball catches a branch high up on the tree and end up right back where you started (or worse). The other downfall to this type of shot is that even if you do get up and over the obstacle you’re not going to be able to put much distance on the ball with that high lofted club, which means you may not have a shot at reaching your intended target even with perfect execution.

For this and a handful of similar situations it’s vital that every golfer learns how to play the low punch shot. Although not always the easiest shot to control, the low punch shot can help you steer the ball under and through those tricky trouble spots. So with that in mind, take a look here as PGA professional Mark Wood shows us how to pull off the low punch shot with accuracy and effectiveness.

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